Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Best Selling Author Comes Under Homophobic Attack

Sarah Luddington, bestselling author of the controversial Knights of Camelot Series, offered to donate the royalties from a special edition of her most popular novel, Lancelot and The Wolf, to Gay Charity Stonewall in response to a barrage of homophobic reviews on Amazon.

The Knights of Camelot series of books feature a number of gay and bisexual relationships and have caused outrage in some areas, particularly on Amazon US where there seems to be a concerted attack against the book’s gay content.
“Since this book took off I have received a huge amount of homophobic responses and some of it very unpleasant,” Sarah said. "People seemed outraged that I could suggest that King Arthur and Lancelot were in a gay relationship, yet it’s a definite undercurrent in the stories when one really studies some of the source material of Mallory or Chr├ętien de Troyes.”
The Knights of Camelot series is published by Mirador Publishing.

Monday, 2 July 2012

More Successes for Mirador Authors

Suzie Tullet, author of the hit Mod Brit Lit book 'Going Underground', continues her campaign to conquer the world and recently ranked as Waterstones Number One bestseller on the day of her recent book signing.

Liz Spear recently conducted a highly successful book signing event at Waterstones. She sold a good number of books on the day and using the Scratch Card System generated excellent follow up interest. The local Waterstones manager was so pleased with the results of the event that she is recommending Liz on to other branches.