Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Best Selling Author Comes Under Homophobic Attack

Sarah Luddington, bestselling author of the controversial Knights of Camelot Series, offered to donate the royalties from a special edition of her most popular novel, Lancelot and The Wolf, to Gay Charity Stonewall in response to a barrage of homophobic reviews on Amazon.

The Knights of Camelot series of books feature a number of gay and bisexual relationships and have caused outrage in some areas, particularly on Amazon US where there seems to be a concerted attack against the book’s gay content.
“Since this book took off I have received a huge amount of homophobic responses and some of it very unpleasant,” Sarah said. "People seemed outraged that I could suggest that King Arthur and Lancelot were in a gay relationship, yet it’s a definite undercurrent in the stories when one really studies some of the source material of Mallory or Chr├ętien de Troyes.”
The Knights of Camelot series is published by Mirador Publishing.

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