Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I don't believe it...

One of the things I like make certain of when I blog is that I'm positive.  It's important to be positive in this life - let's face it, life is hard enough without making people and yourself miserable.  Be upbeat, be fair and chirpy, talk to people when you feel you can give them something positive to hang onto, if not keep quiet and release whatever is making you sad.

So, I am here in my official capacity as the company's cheerful blogger to tell you about how hard we've been working at Mirador.  Get ready for this list, this month we have published, Punch Line, Uncomfortable Silence, Farin West and our very own Mirador Fantasmagoria.

A brief summation - A Punch Line is a wonderful biography of Mr Punch by I M Kidding, through the centuries.  It describes his journey in his wonderful and unique voice, talking about those he meets along the way.  It's a clever and witty satire.

Next - Uncomfortable Silence by O M James, a difficult story about the life of a man who found himself shaped by tragedy.  He comes through it to find redemption in helping others survive similar horrors.

Then we have - Fairn West by Brad Dixon - A western in the old style.  Farin is a man on a quest to avenge himself and his family.  If you ever wanted to ride the wild west this book takes you as close as we can get to a gun slinging life of a cowboy.

Finally - Mirador's Fantasmagoria - The first anthology we have collected from our first short story competition.  We are so proud of this and our winners.  Thank you to all for your support and encouragement.  This anthology covers sci fi, fantasy and horror.  We'll be releasing other competitions later in the year.

Over the next few weeks we are releasing other books in our first tranche of writers for 2011.  It promises to be a busy year.  Come over to our website to have a visit.  Here are the links to our books on Amazon.

A Punch Line

Uncomfortable Silence

Farin West

Mirador Fantasmagoria