Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mirador Publishing Successes

We at Mirador Publishing are very proud of our authors. Here are some of our recent successes:

A huge well done to Keith Scrivener who managed to secure a double page spread in his local newspaper, The East Anglian Daily Times. We know this was the outcome of much hard work and persistence but the results are already coming through. He tells us they wouldn’t look at this until he’d published his follow-up novel. Over the last year Keith has also had great success in securing book signings, even managing to crack the notoriously difficult WH Smiths.

Mirador’s Radio Star, Catherine Green, strikes again. Some are local radio broadcasts, others are live online interviews connected with paranormal romance sites and women’s literary sites. These have made a big impact on the American market who are far more active in this area than this side of the pond. Well done.

 Steve Norris—Our man from the North, has built some wonderful contacts and helped quite a few of us over the months with his cunning plans. The latest involves joining the Scarborough Literary Festival, where he will be talking alongside S.J. Bolton. 

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