Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A New Dawn

Mirador News has been quiet for some time but a new dawn (cliché alert) has begun again and we will try to keep everyone updated here on a regular basis.
We are in the process of seeking more new authors and trying out some new Ninja Marketing ideas with our old hands (who are the brains behind this one not us). These experiments are going well, but they are all time consuming and long term strategies, which will work but need consistence and patience. One of these ideas is to help build communities of writers who aid each other with promotion days on kindle to boost Amazon rankings and interest from outside parties. It helps with sales and does force writers in building better networks and your network is the machine which will support your life as a writer.
Another pilot scheme we are using is much more complex and we haven't quite pinned down the detail yet but it is to help with book signings. Gaining a book signing is great but you need to sell books and that can be difficult for us introverted types who like to sit all day with a computer writing rather than talking. So, having prop which will help engage the public is vital. We are developing a system of scratch cards which give people a chance to win a free book, free ebook or short story by the author. Everyone loves scratch cards and something for free. So far it's proving successful and after a few more trial runs we'll roll it out as an option if you feel you want one when you do your signings.
Keeping motivated and having faith in your work is vital to your success and we are always here and willing to listen if you would like our support or advice on marketing.

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