Thursday, 6 January 2011

January need not be blue

We at Mirador can't believe how life is flowering even if the weather is so cold you never think the trees are going to be green again!

Or am I mixing metaphors?

Regardless, we have yet another new book to tell you about - Reach Discontent by Hagler.  We are proud of this book because Halger is bringing a new taste to our company.  Reaching Discontent is a thriller at its heart but its environment, South Africa soon after apartheid has ended, gives it a unique voice raising it above the average thriller out there.

We have so many new writers coming on line over the next few months I don't know how we'll keep up!  Can we make a day at least twenty six hours long?  Or is there an EU directive against such things? (Now, now, let's leave the politics to our books and not our posts).

If you are interested in finding out about Reaching Discontent, head over to our website or Amazon, it really is wonderful thriller.Reaching Discontent - Amazon

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